About Us

Re Channel, founded in the year 1998, is a clothing brand based out of Mumbai. With over 20 years of dressing grooms, they have exquisitely designed outfits catering to the needs of a modern groom. As a highly established brand, each piece is designed with painstaking craftsmanship and attention to detail. With an immaculate selection of hand-crafted garments, their designs are inspired by the rich history of Indian art and culture. In a saturated bridal market, they bring their niche by offering designs with an edgy, utilitarian and functional approach.

Designs Offered

Re Channel celebrates the art of all-things-handmade, the karigars of the brand use well-equipped technology and innovative production techniques to create pieces that are made to literally last a lifetime. They majorly specialise in wedding wear. Sourcing fabrics from some of the best weavers in the country, their offerings include garments in Indo-Western silhouettes.

Re Channel is well-equipped with the latest fashionable clothes. Crisp, tailored jackets in plush colors; sherwanis in glitzy fabrics; and dapper suits and tuxedos are fit for a classy function.